The can-utils package contains tools for working with ISOTP. However, the kernel ISOTP support needed by these tools is not available by default on most systems. This results in an Protocol not supported error when running ISOTP tools.

The can-isotp kernel module and build instructions are available on Github

Testing ISOTP Driver

To use ISOTP, you will need two physically connected CAN channels (or gatewayed virtual CAN devices) to send and receive data. Once set up, start isotprecv:

isotprecv -s456 -d123 can1

In another terminal, run isotpsend to send ISOTP data. This tool reads from standard input, so echo is used to provided data as a sequence of space seperated hexidecimal bytes:

echo "de ad be ef de ad be ef aa bb cc dd" | isotpsend -s123 -d456 can0 

The data should appear in isotprecv.